Floating Frame Card Making Technique


Floating Frame Card Making Technique – This card-making technique allows the frame of a card to appear to float above the base. The effect is very dramatic and creates an illusion of depth. It’s particularly effective when paired with a pretty paper design. This technique is incredibly versatile and can be used on a variety of card styles.

Floating Herringbone technique

The Floating Herringbone technique is a variation of the Floating Strips technique. The first step is to cut strips of paper.25 inches wide. Next, you should glue them together at an angle to create the floating effect. Make sure to leave a little space between each strip so that it is not too crowded. To glue the strips together, you need Bookbinding Glue and a Needle-tipped Applicator.

The Floating Herringbone technique is a fun way to create cards with a nautical theme. The alternating patterns look really cool and can add interest to any card! You can use a variety of materials to create this unique style. It is also a great way to use scrap materials that you may not have used before.

The herringbone pattern is very popular and works well with a variety of themes and styles. In fact, this technique is one of the most versatile. It can be applied to many different types of floors, from stone to wood. You can even use tile, brick, or a combination of the two.

Floating Strips technique

The Floating Strips technique for card making is a fun illusion that will create the appearance of a floating front on your card. Using a kit, you will learn how to cut a strip of card stock so it can appear to be floating in the air. The strip will be 1/8” wide and nine inches long. Cut to fit your desired length and adhere to a background of colored card stock. This technique is a good way to use up scraps of card stock.

You can also use acetate for your card base. Use an adhesive that dries clear and is invisible when dry. You can also use liquid glue to adhere strips of acetate or cardstock to a card base. Make sure to use caution when applying glue near the edges.


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