How to Clean the Speaker on an iPhone

How to Clean the Speaker on an iPhone

How To Clean Speaker On iPhone: The question of how to clean the speaker on an iPhone is a valid one. However, you should be careful to avoid the use of liquids since they can damage the internal parts of the phone. Instead, you should use a soft bristled brush to clean the speaker. Listed below are a few of the methods that you can use to clean the speaker on an iPhone. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you!

Silica gel

The first step in cleaning the speaker on your iPhone is to remove any loose dust and debris from the device. You can use a packet of Silica gel to dry the device completely. You should keep the device out of its charging case to prevent it from getting wet. If you have waterlogged devices, the best way to clean them is by submerging them in the silica gel beads. Be careful, however, as silica gel packets can pop if you’re not careful, and the packets can absorb water if you’re not careful.

If you can’t find a packet of Silica gel, you can use uncooked rice instead. You can keep silica gel packets in a zip lock bag for a quick fix. Use the silica gel to dry the phone and speaker grill. After allowing it to dry completely, play audio from the phone to see if it helped. If the rice doesn’t work, try a packet of Silica gel. This will absorb the water better than rice.

Painter’s tape

Use a piece of blue painter’s tape to clean the speaker on your iPhone. It is a pressure-sensitive tape that works well to remove dirt from the speaker grill and headphone jack of your iPhone. Before you start, make sure you place a thin layer of painter’s tape over the index finger and the speaker grill. Press the tape gently over the speaker grill until the dirt is lifted. Repeat the process for the remaining areas. Make sure to check the speaker grill after each application to ensure that no grime is left behind. If it’s too dirty, discard it.

You can also use a paintbrush to clean the lower speaker holes on your iPhone. You should insert the brush slowly into the speaker grille. You should gently roll it up and down until you see some debris clinging to the speaker. Repeat this process for the other side of the speaker grille. Painter’s tape is an excellent alternative to brushes. Wrap a fingertip in tape, then press the sticky side against the speaker. Do not apply too much pressure when you roll the tape over the speaker.


The first thing you need to do if you want to remove a buildup on the speaker is to remove the phone’s screen protector or phone case. After removing the cover, gently lift the phone to expose the speaker grills. Be careful not to scratch the phone and its speaker grilles. If this doesn’t work, you can use a painter’s tape to cover the speaker grilles.

A plastic or wooden toothpick is another useful tool to use to clean the speaker holes on your iPhone. Insert the toothpick into the speaker hole with minimal pressure. Once it is inserted, tilt it up and sideways until it pops out. Remember to use gentle pressure and avoid pressuring the delicate grille. Once you’ve removed the debris, you can apply the painter’s tape to prevent any residue from damaging the phone.

AirSquares cleaning putty

If you’ve ever had trouble keeping the earbuds of your iPhone clean, you’ve likely used the special cleaning putty that comes with your iPhone. This putty is made to remove dirt and ear wax from the earbud’s speaker. Unlike wipes, the putty sticks to the dirt and releases it when pulled away. Another benefit of this putty is that it works great on iPhone speakers, too. AirSquares come in convenient packs of 12 or 24 small squares that you can use to clean your speakers.

Another way to clean the speaker of your iPhone is to use a soft-bristle brush. Make sure to brush the speaker grilles at an angle, so that you don’t push the dirt into the speaker grid. You can buy extra-soft brushes from companies such as DI QIU REN, which have 20,000 nano-bristles. You can also use special cleaning putty to remove dirt and crumbs from the speaker grilles.

Soft-bristled brush

First of all, you need to know how to clean the speaker on your iPhone. To do so, you will need a soft-bristled brush that fits inside the speaker grille. Using the brush, clean the speaker grille by gently wiping it with a soft-bristled brush. Ensure that the bristles of the brush make contact with the dirty parts and then continue this process until you are satisfied with the result. This method will remove any dirt that may be embedded in the grilles of the speaker without causing any harm to the speaker’s grille.

You can also use a plastic or wood toothpick to clean the speaker. Make sure that the toothpick has extra-soft bristles and does not cause any damage to the iPhone when used in this way. To avoid any damage, do not push the toothpick too far into the speaker. It is also better to avoid using compressed air since it can cause the speaker to break. Instead, use a Soft Tip Silicone Super Air Blower to remove the excess dust.

Microfibre cloth

The iPhone’s speaker can get very dirty over time, and cleaning it isn’t difficult. It’s a relatively straightforward process, which only requires the use of microfibre cloth. Before cleaning your iPhone’s speaker, be sure to clean its facade, which includes the grille and the backside. This will help you remove accumulated dirt and dust from the grille. Alternatively, you can use a small amount of soapy water to wipe down the iPhone’s grille and then allow it to air-dry.

Another great way to clean the speaker on iPhone is to use a paintbrush or masking tape. This can remove stubborn dirt and debris without leaving behind glue. Be sure to use very gentle action when using a masking tape or brush. This way, you’ll prevent any damage to the iPhone’s speaker. But if you’re unsure of how to use a microfibre cloth, you can always use an anti-static brush or a new toothbrush.


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