How to Delete Podcasts From iPhone

How to Delete Podcasts From iPhone

How To Delete Podcasts From iPhone: You’ve got several options when it comes to deleting your podcasts on your iPhone. In addition to deleting unplayed episodes, you can also turn off automatic downloads. However, if you don’t want to delete your entire library, you can also remove specific episodes one at a time. Here are the steps you need to follow. You’ll need to know what you’re doing. Read on to learn how to delete podcasts from your iPhone.

Delete unplayed episodes

It is possible to delete the episode you’re listening to without deleting the download. However, it’s important to note that this deletes the episode only from the device, and not from your computer. Depending on your podcast service, you can also manually mark the unplayed episode as ‘played’, if you want to remove it. This is especially useful for political podcasts, which are updated regularly.

You can also delete the episodes by tapping one of the big squares on the episode’s title, and then tapping “Delete” or “Done.” You can also use the Sleep Timer feature, which will automatically stop playback after a certain amount of time or once the current episode has finished. You can also manually delete episodes by using the Podcasts app. Once you’ve deleted them, you can re-download the podcast.

Generally, it’s best to delete podcast episodes after you’ve finished listening to them, so they won’t take up space on your device. The default setting is to keep episodes on your iPhone until you’ve listened to them. This is a great solution for most situations, but if you ever want to listen to an episode again, you can turn the setting off. This method is ideal for people who don’t listen to podcasts on a regular basis but want to save space and keep their subscriptions organized.

Another method is to delete the app from your phone. This method will save you the trouble of having to manually mark the episodes as played in the podcast app. However, it might require some changes in your usage of the app, like switching to the Downloads tab. To avoid losing your subscriptions, there are alternatives to the Podcasts app, such as Pocket Casts. Unlike iTunes, Pocket Casts works on all devices.

The Podcasts app has also been undergoing some changes in iOS 14.5. If you encounter any issues, you can share your feedback with the developers. The changes may be bigger than initial reports, but it is important to note that Apple Podcasts have removed the option to delete unplayed episodes. The newest iOS version also removed the option to add podcasts individually. If you do want to delete an individual episode, you must remove the entire podcast first before deleting it.

Delete downloaded episodes

How can I delete downloaded episodes of podcasts from my iPhone? There are two ways to delete downloaded episodes on your iPhone: from iTunes or from your phone’s storage. If you’ve downloaded an entire season of a podcast, you can choose to delete it all. If you’ve just downloaded an episode, however, you can choose to delete the whole season or all episodes. Regardless of the method you choose, deleting episodes is a great way to clear up storage space.

Unsubscribing is easy. To unsubscribe, go to the podcast and click the “Unsubscribe” button. Alternatively, you can launch the podcast and click the “gear” icon. Once you have clicked the gear icon, you can choose “Delete downloaded episodes”. The podcast app will no longer automatically download new episodes. This way, you can clear up the space on your iPhone and save your data.

To delete downloaded episodes of podcasts from your iPhone, use the Podcasts app. You can also mark them as played in order to delete them. By marking them as played, you can easily delete them. If you decide to delete the entire podcast, you can go to the Podcasts app and tap the “Delete” button. You can also choose to delete individual episodes or an entire show. However, you must be sure to remove them before the end of the time limit has expired.

To remove a single episode of a podcast from your iPhone, you must first open the podcast’s app. You can delete it from the library, or even from multiple episodes. To do this, click “Delete” and then confirm the deletion. This will remove the episode from your iPhone. You can also delete individual episodes if you prefer. You can also select the podcast you’d like to delete by tapping the three-dot icon.

Alternatively, you can also delete podcasts from your iPhone through the Podcasts app. To do this, go to Library > Shows. Scroll down to the episodes of the podcast you’re interested in. There will be a download icon next to the show, which means it’s already downloaded. By removing it, you can free up more space on your iPhone. If you want to save more space, you should delete downloaded episodes of podcasts regularly to make room for new episodes.

Turn off automatic downloads

When you have too many podcasts on your iPhone, it may be time to delete them. Fortunately, you don’t have to delete every single episode manually. There are several ways to do this, depending on your personal preference. First, turn off automatic downloads. This will prevent your iPhone from automatically downloading new episodes. If you don’t want to receive new episodes, you can turn off automatic downloads for a specific podcast.

If you use Apple Podcasts, you can also turn off automatic downloads. By default, these episodes download to your device, but they won’t be deleted until you play them. Unplayed podcasts take up storage space and may interfere with other apps. You can easily turn this feature off by following the directions below. You can also configure how many podcast episodes you want to download automatically for each show.

You can also turn off automatic downloads by checking the settings in the Settings app. Click on the Podcasts section and check the Automatic Downloads heading. You can also check whether Automatic Downloads is enabled by tapping the small cloud icon at the bottom of the page. If it is, then you can turn off automatic downloads for the podcasts. These downloads are only available when you are using cellular data.

While podcasts can be helpful for some, they can also take up cellular data and device space. We all have limited space on our phones, so we should not waste it on useless stuff. Turn off automatic downloads for podcasts on your iPhone and enjoy listening to your favorite audio content again. And don’t forget to try to find a way to manually download your podcasts! If you don’t find a way to manually download your podcasts, it’s time to look into other solutions. It’s not hard to turn off automatic downloads.

To turn off automatic downloads for podcasts, go to the Settings app. Tap General > iPhone Storage. The Downloaded section will show any episodes that are taking up at least 15% of your device’s storage. Tap Downloaded and choose to keep the most recent five episodes of each show, and delete the others. If you are not happy with the space consumed by downloaded podcasts, you can delete the old episodes individually from your iPhone.

Delete specific episodes

If you’re not quite sure how to delete specific episodes of podcasts from your iPhone, you’ll need to use the iTunes Store to manage the files you’ve downloaded. Podcasts usually have a limit on the number of episodes you can download at a time, so you can easily delete ones that aren’t being used. You can delete all downloaded episodes or select specific ones. To do this, you can open the Podcasts app and tap the Library icon. From here, you can select which podcasts you want to delete and how many you’d like to keep.

When you first open the Podcasts app, you’ll see a list of all episodes you’ve downloaded. If you haven’t listened to any of them yet, you may be tempted to download more. Then, you may find a better podcast that you’d rather listen to. Delete specific episodes from your iPhone to get a fresh slate. Delete specific episodes from the Podcasts app to clear your iPhone of unwanted files.

Alternatively, you can delete specific episodes of a podcast by long-pressing the episode in the podcast player. You can also delete the entire podcast and all its downloads by using the iTunes: block> feature. You can also delete specific episodes of podcasts from a podcast directory. The steps are similar to those in iTunes, so make sure to follow the steps carefully. But remember: this method can be time-consuming and can’t be used by everyone.

Alternatively, you can manually delete specific episodes of podcasts from your iPhone by ensuring that your iPhone’s storage limit is greater than 15 percent. The recommended storage limit for podcasts is 15 percent, so if you listen to a show for more than 15 minutes, you’ll be prompted to delete episodes that take up more space. You can also disable the automatic download of podcast episodes from your iPhone.

Delete specific episodes of podcasts from the iPhone is easy. The only extra step is to launch the Podcasts app and choose the Library tab. On this tab, you’ll see the episodes that have been downloaded. To delete an individual podcast, tap on its three-dot menu and select Delete from the library. You can also choose to move all episodes of a podcast in one go if you have a huge episode.


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